Cameron & Rhoda McMaster's


Because we now live in the winter rainfall region of South Africa,
we are currently reducing our stock of summer rainfall bulbs. We will
concentrate on winter rainfall species from the Western Cape in future.

The summer-rainfall bulbs are posted in May/June.
The winter-growing bulbs are listed separately, and are posted in January. Hopefully they will then start new growth immediately
(after a short dormancy) and be in the right season.

Bulbs are sold in various sizes as listed in the various catalogues.
Catalogues are available in five denominations.
South African Rands
US Dollars
Pounds Sterling
Australian Dollars (seed only)

Please contact us to request a catalogue
Either hard copy by air mail / post or by e-mail.

Specifying the denomination required.


One of our specialities is the supply of wild collected seed from authentic
species. Available seed is listed in a special section of the catalogue. Seed may be purchased as packets containing 12-30 seeds, or in multiples of 100 seeds.
Please refer to our catalogues for prices and details.

If you're looking for something not listed, please ask -
we have some species in very small quantities, too few to list.
If you prefer, ask for a quote before ordering,
in case an item is out of stock (or list some alternatives).

If Phytosanitary Certificates are required
please contact us for details and cost 

We have various options for payment which will be supplied on request.