Cameron & Rhoda McMaster's

A Botanical Tour of the Eastern Cape 2006
Comments about this tour

"The trip with you far surpassed our expectations. We had an absolutely
superb time. You immersed us in your world, not just all the lovely plants but also your friends, your stomping grounds, the animals, the politics,
everything. We hope to come back again."
Lauren and Scott Ogden - Colorado/Texas

If Cameron McMaster's account of our recent trip through the East Cape
wasn't enough to make you hit the reply button and start exploring your own trip possibilities with him, let me add my two cents' worth: do it!

This was the trip of a lifetime. Cameron and Rhoda were perfect hosts and guides; the planning that went into the trip was unparalleled; even when weather forced us to alter our plans, the change went seamlessly (from the
participants' point of view, anyway) and not a moment was wasted. In fact, towards the end of the trip various participants had to beg for a little time off to shop for gifts for the folks at home...Cameron and Rhoda don't
waste time on typical tourist endeavors.  The lodgings were fantastic, the food amazingly good (I had been warned about mayonnaise and onion
sandwiches - never came close to that), and the plants purely astonishing.
The birds, too (and both C&R are accomplished birders) - and the mammals - and - well- everything.

You will want to be in good physical shape for one of C&R's tours: expect to scramble up unbelievably steep hillsides (no paths there, unless the local
ruminants have made them) and across slippery, rocky slopes, and be
comfortable with hiking a few miles a day.  Experience slipping through barbed-wire fences will be useful; if you don't have it already, you will gain it fast.

Cameron and Rhoda are unique resources; waste no time; contact them now!

Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials

Plant Lovers book your plane tickets now!  If seeing spectacular, wild stands of stunning garden plants such as Kniphofia, Crocosmia, Eucomis and
Gladiolus is on your list of things to do; you must plan on a tour with
Cameron and Rhoda.  Cameron's outline of our tour gives a glimpse of our amazing journey.  Everything about this trip exceeded my expectations. 
The plants, The natural landscape, the people we had the pleasure of staying with as well as the meals were all amazing.  In addition we had the pleasure of Cameron and Rhodas company and their eagerness to share their encyclopedic knowledge of the plants and wildlife of a truly remarkable part of the world.  I can't say enough about what a truly remarkable experience they choreographed for us.

Jonathan Wright (Horticulturist)
Chanticleer Garden

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