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NEW BOOK !!! SHEEP IN MY BLOOD by Cameron McMaster
Published by the Australian Dohne Breeders' Association (ADBA)

28.06.12 - The Roggeveld - A Desert Spring in images

28.06.12 - Images of the Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa (IBSA)
tour of Namaqualand and the Western Cape in September 2011

28.06.12 - Image of a short Aloe and Cycad tour in April 2012

02.05.10 - Have just added a new page dedicated to a tour with Naoki Yokoyama called In search of Wild Nerines April 2010

We have just added the following article to the website, the article was pulished in the newsletter of the Nerine and Amaryllid Society in the UK.
Andrew Lanoe's account of the East Cape Tour in February 2009

We have just updated our "Botanical Tours"
page and added a "Tour Brochure" page to the website, our Tour Brochure is 73 pages in length and can be downloaded as an ADOBE PDF file (20Mb) from the "Botanical Tours" page. However, those of you who can't wait that long for the download can view the images as jpgs on a new page entitled Tour Brochure Page by Page. 

New Nerine huttoniae populations discovered:

There was intense interest in Nerine huttoniae after the article by Tony Dold published in the March 2000 issue of Veld and Flora, Vol. 86 (1).
Published: 09.03.2004

Images of East Cape Wild Flowers on Compact Disc
Over many years of botanical exploration, we have amassed a large number of  digital images of the Wild flowers of the Eastern Cape.
Published: 09.03.2004

Moraea elegans
On 13 August 2005 we came across a population of the very rare and
localised Moraea elegans……..
Published: 17.03.2005