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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Sentinal Peak and Sterkfontein Dam, Kwazulu-Natal National Park
14th-15th February 2008.

Sentinal Peak     The Amphitheatre (1)     The Amphitheatre (2)     

View from top of Peak     Eucomis - as far as the eye can see

Sterkfontein Dam     

A truly magnificent place and in our mind no trip to South Africa is complete without seeing the wonderful sights that Sentinal Peak has to offer. The whole place is a must see for both gardeners and photographers alike and at this time of the year the wealth of wildflowers is astounding. A  large proportion of the plants and bulbs found in this high altitude location are grown as hardy garden plants in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
Those that commonly are, are marked *.

Agapanthus campanulatus     habitat *

Albuca fastigata

Alepidea sp.

Berkheya leucaugeta

Brownlea galpinii

Crocosmia pearsei

Diascia purpurea

Dierama dracomontana

Dierama sp. (1)   (2) *

Disa fragrans

Disperis renibractea     flowers close-up

Disperis stenoplectron     plants

Erica aestiva     plant

Erica sp. (1)

Eucomis autumnalis *

Eucomis bicolor (1)   (2)   (3)   flowers close-up *

Eucomis schijffii (1)   (2)   (3)

Galtonia regalis     habitat *

Gladiolus crassifolius     habitat

Gladiolus ecklonii

Gladiolus microcarpus

Gladiolus papilo at Sterkfontein Dam

Guthriea capensis     flowers

Hebenstretia sp. *

Helichrysum evansii

Heliophila formosa

Hesperantha baurii     colony

Holothrix incurva

Kniphofia fibrosa     colony *

Kniphofia ritualis *

Kniphofia thodei     flower close-up *

Lotononis pulchella

Moraea alpina     habitat

Moraea brevistyla

Moraea trifida

Moraea vigilans

Nemesia caerulea

Nerine bowdenii     habitat *

Ornithogalum paludosum

Osteospermum sp.

Printzia nutans

Pterygodium hastatum     plant

Pterygodium leucanthum

Pterygodium magnum     close-up

Satyrium neglectum

Schizochilus angustifolius

Sopubia cana     plant

Wahlenbergia cuspidata *

Xerophyto viscosa

Zaluzianskya microsiphon

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