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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Andriesberg and the Carnarvon Estate, 5th February 2008.

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The Carnarvon Estate

The Andriesberg is a massive dolerite dome rising out of the surrounding plains in the Sterkstroom district of the Eastern Cape. The pockets of soil and rock cracks on the mountain are a unique habitat for a variety of especially succulent flora with some special endemics such as Huernia piersii. It is
situated on an historic farm, Carnarvon Estates, run as a conservancy, game reserve and guest farm by the Halse Family.


Androcymbium striatum

Argyrolobium harveyanum

Brachystelma sp.     fruiting

Crassula brachystachya

Crassula corallina

Crassula lanceolata

Crassula obovata

Crassula pyramidalis

Diascia integerrima     plant

Dierama robustum

Disa porrecta

Euphorbia clavarioides

Gazania sp.

Gladiolus edulis

Haworthia nigra

Hesperantha coccinea

Huernia piersii

Kniphofia stricta     flowers close-up

Kniphofia triangularis

Othonna sp.

Pachycarpus vexillaris

Pelargonium sp.     plant

Selago sp.

Stapelia grandiflora

Strumaria gemmata     flower close-up     plant in fruit

Wahlenbergia sp.

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