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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Naude's Nek Pass, 8th February 2008.

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Naude's Neck is one of the premier wild flower viewing sites in the Southern Drakensberg. The road between Maclear and Rhodes in the Eastern Cape crests the high mountain range at an altitude of 2500m, the highest road pass in the Republic of South Africa, giving access to the extremely rich alpine flora that occurs on this range.


Berkheya purpurea

Corycium alticola

Disperis wealii

Eucomis sp. nova

Geranium pulchrum

Harveya speciosa

Helichrysum odoratissimum     plant

Hermannia sp.

Hibiscus trionum

Lotononis sericophylla

Ophioglossum polyphyllum

Satyrium neglectum     close-up

Senecio isatideus

Tulbaghia cernua

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