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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Semonkong and Melatsunyane Falls, 11th February 2008.

Semonkong (1)     Semonkong (2)     Semonkong (3)     Semonkong Lodge

Melatsunyane Falls (1)     Melatsunyane Falls (2)     Melatsunyane Falls (3)


Situated in the centre of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho approximately 100km south-east of Maseru, Semonkong is a small isolated rural centre. 
Due to over-population and poor farming and grazing practices the region is
severely degraded and has lost much of its bio-diversity. It is however famous as the home of the rare Spiral Aloe, Aloe polyphylla, and the spectacular 200m high Melatsunyane waterfall. Visitors can arrange pony rides to view the Aloes and the Falls.


Albuca shawii

Alectra basutica

Androcymbium striatum

Asclepias gibba

Dierama robustum     closer

Gladiolus papilo     close-up

Gladiolus saundersii     habitat

Habenaria epipactidea

Habenaria lithophila

Pachycarpus grandiflorus

Schizoglossum bidens ssp. bidens     plant

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