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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Waainek, Uniondale, Outeniqua Pass, Bruintjieshoogte,
Potjiesberg Pass and Avon Heights, 2nd February 2008.

Waainek     Berkheyas at Waainek (1)     Berkheyas at Waainek (2)

Waainek Wild Flower Reserve     Map

The Waainek Wild Flower Reserve on the Bosberg, Somerset East
encompasses the forest verge and the strip of grassland above the forest.
The reserve was established primarily to conserve Haemanthus carneus,
a bulb endemic to the Bosberg. Brunsvigia grandiflora, flowering in the
reserve in April was the plant that initially drew my attention to the botanical richness of the area.


Argyrolobium sp.

Berkheya decurrens

Berkheya umbellata

Conium fontanum

Dierama robustum     flower

Drimia elata

Encephalartos cycadifolius

Geranium baurianum

Kniphofia acraea

Kniphofia triangularis

Ornithogalum juncifolium

Salvia repens

Senecio isatideus

Wahlenbergia grandiflorum

Wahlenbergia krebsii

Brunsvigia josephinae     flower

Outeniqua Pass
Cyrtanthus elatus

Hibiscus sp.

Potjiesberg Pass
Tritoniopsis lata

Avon Heights
Tritonia laxifolia

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