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Wild flower images on CD or DVD available from African Bulbs
Published: 14.11.07

Over many years of botanical exploration, we have amassed a large number of  digital images of the Wild flowers of the Eastern Cape. We have compiled three Compact Discs of selected images portraying the majority of species which occur there. The CDs and DVD which will be of interest to plant collectors and growers are available for sale as follows:

Wild Flowers of the Amatola Mountains
This CD contains pictures of most of the flowering plants that occur in this mountain range as well as a checklist and other information.

Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape
A comprehensive set of images of almost all the bulbs that occur in the
Eastern Cape. The images include some closeups, fruit and habitat shots.
The Amaryllidaceae are particularly well represented ie. the Cyrtanthus,
Haemanthus, Nerines and Brunsvigias

Wild Orchids of the Eastern Cape
The CD features the majority of the ground orchids of the Eastern Cape.

And on DVD
"Wild Bulbs and Orchids of the Overberg, West Cape" (DVD)

Comprehensive sets of digital images of wild flowers in habitat plus much
information on text files.

This is what Dr Robert Hamilton of Tasmania says about them:
"I am delighted with the wealth of information within the CD based on
your travels and experience and I have only scratched the surface."

Please contact us for details and prices.
Prices in the different currencies will be supplied on application.