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Plants seen on a typical tour in January
Moonstone, 16th January 2008.

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Moonstone (5)     Moonstone (6)

Moonstone - is a farm situated 40km west of Stutterheim on the Quanti river,  which is a tributary of the Great Kei River. The vegetation is thicket in the valley bottoms rising to sub-escarpment grassland on the hills. The area is unique because it is the only place in South Africa where three species of cycad occur side by side - Encephalartos guilielmi, E. princeps and E. caffer. There is a self-catering cottage, and the Moonstone Magic Cycad Trail is a an exciting, though tough activity that guests may undertake.


Berkheya decurrens

Berkheya umbellata

Chironia baccifera

Crotelaria sp.

Cycnium adonense

Cyphia sp.

Cyrtanthus macowanii

Cyrtanthus obliquus

Diclis reptans

Dierama atrum

Encephalartos princeps     group

Eulophia clavicornis

Eulophia macowanii

Gladiolus edulis

Gnidia capitata

Helichrysum pendiculatum

Hypoxis hemerocallidae

Liparis bowkeri

Monopsis unidentata

Oxalis bifurca

Pachycarpus concolor

Polygala sp.

Schizoglossum hamatum

Shizocarpus nervosa

Streptocarpus  sp.

Streptocarpus primulifolius     side-view

Striga elegans

Thunbergia atriplicifolia

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