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Plants seen on a typical tour in January
Keiskamma River to Ecca Pass, 19th January 2008.

Ecca Pass

Keiskamma River and the Ecca Pass - The Keiskamma river originates in the Amatola mountains and flows through a wide thicket-clad valley to the sea south of East London.  The Ecca pass descends steeply into the Fish River valley east of Grahamstown.  It has a unique succulent thicket vegetation with a number of rare endemic species.  A nature reserve has been established at the top of the pass.


Abutilon sonneratianum

Adromischus cristatus

Agapanthus comptonii

Aponogeton junceus

Chascanum cuneifolium

Cotyledon orbiculata     flowers

Crassula perfoliata

Crinum campanulatum     habitat     white form

Cyrtanthus parviflora

Ehretia rigida     flowers

Encephalartos trispinosis

Faucaria britteniae

Gnidia cuneata

Haworthia coarctata

Hibiscus callyphyllus

Hypoxis stellipilis

Jasminum angulare

Ohldenburgia grandis

Pavonia praemorsa

Pelargonium inaequidens

Pelargonium peltatum

Ruellia cordata

Sansevieria hyacinthoides

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