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Plants seen on a typical tour in early February
Woodcliffe, Maclear, 6th February 2008.

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Woodcliffe - is a guest farm situated in a spectacular valley in the Maclear district of the Eastern Cape. The valley has magnificent views of protea-clad mountainsides, rushing streams and waterfalls. A number of rock shelters have well preserved San rock paintings which may be viewed by guests staying in the self catering cottages.


Crocosmia paniculata

Disa patula     habitat

Ficus ingens

Gladiolus crassifolius     habitat

Gladiolus ecklonis

Habenaria dives

Habenaria falcicornis     flower close-up

Helichrysum herbaceum

Nerine angustifolia

Osteospermum jucunda

Pelargonium luridum

Periglossum mackenii

Pterygodium magnum     flower close-up

Satyrium sphaerocarpum

Schizoglossum hamatum

Sebaea grandis

Tritonia drakensbergensis     habitat

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