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Plants seen on a typical tour in November
Maclear, 21st November 2008.

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The Maclear district of the North Eastern Cape is at the southern end of the Drakensberg range. Situated between 2000 and 2500m altitude, the
region enjoys a high summer rainfall and  very cold winters with snow and frost. The vegetation is montane grassland with a high diversity of orchids, geophytes and other forbs. The area is only accessible to 4-wheel drive
vehicles and can only be visited in the company of local guide Adele Moore. There are numerous spectacular San Hunter-Gatherer Rock Art sites in the
vicinity to which Adele can take visitors.


Crinum bulbispermum

Cyperus sphaerocephalus

Cyphia longifolia

Dierama cooperi

Dierama robustum

Disa cornuta     flower close-up

Eulophia aculeata

Eulophia foliosa

Euphorbia sp.

Fanninia caloglossa

Gnidia polyantha     habitat

Helichrysum pilosellum

Kniphofia northiae     group

Ledebouria ovatifolia

Moraea alticola

Pachycarpus reflectens

Watsonia gladioloides

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