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Plants seen on a typical tour in November
Tiffindell, 23rd November 2008.

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Berkheya maritima at Tiffindell     Map

Tiffendell - is South Africa's only ski resort. It is situated in the southern Drakensberg at an altitude of 2900m. The mountain slopes around are rich in alpine flora and Ben McDui, the peak behind the resort, is the highest point in the Eastern Cape and is easily accessible on foot.


Cyrtanthus flanagannii     habitat

Gallium capensis subsp. garipense

Geum capensis

Glumicalyx nutans

Gnidia propinqua

Haplocarpa nervosa

Helichrysum ecklonis

Helichrysum milfordiae

Kniphofia northiae

Moraea alpina

Ranunculus meyeri

Ranunculus multifidus

Rhodohypoxis rubella

Sebaea marlothii

Senecio macrocephalus

Zaluzianskya distans

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