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Plants seen on a typical tour in November
Stutterheim and Kei Mouth, 28th November 2008.

Kei Mouth (1)     Kei Mouth (2)     Kei Mouth (3)     Kei Mouth (4)

Kei Mouth (5)     Kei Mouth (6)     Map - Kei Mouth     Double Mouth (1)

Double Mouth (2)     Double Mouth (3)     Double Mouth (4)     Morgan Bay

Stutterheim Map     Kei Mouth Map

Stutterheim - is a village in the Eastern Cape situated at the foot of the Amatole mountains.  There are extensive tracts of Afromontane forest and mistbelt grassland, home to many special plant species.

Thomas River - is a tributary of the Great Kei River. Pictures in this gallery were taken on visits to some sites adjacent to these two rivers.


Albuca batteniana

Aristea ecklonis

Dietes grandiflora

Dracaena aletriformis

Drimia sp.

Eriosema squarrosum

Eulophia speciosa

Gladiolus dalenii

Helichrysum appendiculatum

Kniphofia rooperi     plant

Mystacidium capense

Pachycarpus grandiflorus

Scaevola plumieri     habitat

Senecio macrocephalus

Streptocarpus rexii

Tecoma capensis

Tephrosia kraussiana

Thunbergia atriplicifolia

Zaluzianskya sp.

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