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The Waainek Wild Flower Reserve
And Glen Avon Falls in Images

The Waainek Wild Flower Reserve on the Bosberg, Somerset East
encompasses the forest verge and the strip of grassland above the forest.
The reserve was established primarily to conserve Haemanthus carneus,
a bulb endemic to the Bosberg. Brunsvigia grandiflora, flowering in the
reserve in April was the plant that initially drew my attention to the botanical richness of the area.


Waainek (1)     Waainek (2)     Waainek (Morning View)

Berkheyas at Waainek (1)     Waainek Wild Flower Reserve

Glen Avon Falls (1)     Glen Avon Falls (2)     Glen Avon Falls (3)     

Glen Avon Falls in Flood     Map


Waainek Wild Flower Reserve

Androcymbium longipes

Arctotis arctotoides

Athrixia angustissima

Brunsvigia grandiflora

Buddleja salvifolia

Bulbine narcissifola     habitat

Cineraria sp.

Cyrtanthus macowanii

Cyrtanthus tuckii

Dierama grandiflora     habitat

Drimia sp.     flower close-up

Encephalartos  cycadifolius     female cones

Erica demissa

Felicia sp.

Geranium bauerianum

Geranium caffrum

Gerbera piloselloides

Geum capensis

Gladiolus mortonius

Glekia krebsiana

Haemanthus carneus

Hesperantha radiata

Kniphofia acraea

Lachenalia campanulata

Ledbouria sp. (1)

Ledbouria sp. (2)

Lichen on Olea capensis

Melolobium candicans

Nemesia denticulata

Nerine angulata at Bosberg

Pelargonium alchemilloides

Tritonia lineata

Vernonia capensis

Wahlenbergia sp.

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